Massing & Scale

  • The proposed building replaces a uniform, unattractive mass in a way which draws upon the benefits of architectural articulation and detailing, creating a high quality, modern building which integrates comfortably with its local context.
  • Massing follows the curve of the river and also draws upon the strong character of the wide open streetscape along Green Lanes to deliver further articulation and variety in the facade.
  • A landscaped private amenity space is proposed around the building with a communal garden and playspace at the south end of the site allowing glimpses of the New River from Green Lanes.
  • The proposed building is set back from the boundary creating a 2.5 -7 m zone to deliver landscaped, defensible space in front of ground floor accommodation.
  • The proposed ground floor accommodation is lifted one metre above street level to allow for privacy along Green Lanes whilst introducing front doors directly from the street.


  • The building consists of three distinct sections gradually stepping back from the street towards the south. Each of these sections is linked by circulation cores each providing a vertical break on the facade. The three-part elevation is further expressed by the addition of a projecting brick clad frame along Green Lanes which allows more articulation. The proposed architectural approach is derived from the typical mansion block and it provides a primary rhythm to the site.
  • At the top floor, the projecting brick piers are raised up to parapet height. The top floor apartments are recessed back from the main elevation, thus providing generous roof terraces and adding more layering to the facade and refinement to the roofscape.

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